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Director of Marketing
description of job:
1. Based on Internet product solutions, develop digital marketing and communication strategies for Internet products
2. Responsible for the planning and execution of Digital Marketing Campaign
3. Familiar with all kinds of marketing and promotion methods, various new media promotion, resource integration and activity gameplay; constantly try innovative marketing techniques to shape brand image and enhance brand value;
4. Establish an evaluation mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing activities and media placement.

【job requirements】
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of marketing related work experience;
Have working experience in the IT outsourcing industry, have a deep understanding of consumer goods marketing and promotion, familiar with the new media, delivery, offline activities, community operations and other aspects of the operation of the various ways, can guide the team to carry out the work;
3. Be able to gain insight into consumer pain points, needs, and refine marketing highlights;
4. First-class copywriting, visual aesthetics, able to control the level of content output by the brand;
5. Excellent project management, communication and coordination capabilities, can promote efficient coordination of internal and external marketing departments;
6. Strong sense of responsibility, high work enthusiasm, overall situation, able to withstand strong work pressure;
7. Have experience in marketing and promotion of products in full;
8. Experience in IT outsourcing industry is preferred.

Salary: 0

UAE exp is must 
Candidate location open
Salary AED 25000-35000